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Information on the meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 9




The Central Election Commission on June 9, in its meeting, considered approval of the form and wording of the ballot for the presidential elections, video broadcasting of the voting process and experimental use of biometric voter identification in some polling stations, appeals received by the Central Election Commission during the preparation of the elections, and other issues.

The meeting discussed and approved the form, text, and description of the ballot paper for the presidential election. It was determined that the surname, first name, and patronymic of the presidential candidates are listed on the ballot paper, polling stations’ protocols of vote counting results, and the protocols for the determination of election results by election districts in the order of the Uzbek alphabet based on the Latin alphabet.

The CEC approved measures on video broadcasting of the voting process in real-time (online) on Election Day from up to two polling stations in all districts and cities of the country and the use of biometric identification equipment at polling stations within Tashkent City Election District.

The meeting considered information on appeals and complaints received by the CEC during the preparation for the election.

In addition, the CEC accredited 43 representatives of OSCE ODIHR, CIS observer missions, and 124 representatives of 25 local media organizations. To date, 353 media representatives have been accredited.

According to the agenda, the chairpersons of 2-Andijan, 3-Bukhara, and 9-Surkhandarya District Election Commissions briefed on the work done in preparation for the early presidential elections.


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