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Observers have the right:

attend meetings of election commissions;

participate in meetings for the nomination of candidates, meetings of candidates with voters;

attend the polling station, observe the progress of the preparatory work, the placement of booths or rooms for secret voting and the sealing of ballot boxes, the registration of citizens, the issuance of ballots to them;

be present at the counting of votes and drawing up the protocol of the election commission;

request and receive copies of documents on the results of elections certified by the relevant election commission;

to report on their observations to the relevant election commission, if there is reason to believe that violations of the requirements of this Code were committed at the corresponding polling station.

Observers are prohibited from:

be in the booth or secret ballot room when the voter makes his notes on the ballot;

influence citizens, distribute any campaign materials or literature;

to ask voters how they voted or to provide any assistance to voters when making notes on the ballot;

to interfere in the activities of the election commission, including when sealing the ballot boxes, opening them, counting votes.