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International conference on Safeguarding election management bodies in the age of global democratic recession held in south africa
On October 20, the delegation of the CEC of Uzbekistan, headed by Chairman Zayniddin Nizamkhojaev, currently visiting South Africa for the 5th A-WEB General Assembly, participated in the International Conference Safeguarding Election Management Bodies in The Age of Global Democratic Recession. Along with the A-WEB, the Electoral Commission of South Africa organized the conference in Cape Town.

The delegates from A-WEB member states and other countries attended the conference, including representatives of various national and international institutions and organizations. A distinguished group of scholars from around the world shared their views and opinions on how to promote electoral democracy and slow down democratic recession. 

During the conference, attendees exchanged knowledge, experiences, and good practices to meet the challenges of the global democratic recession. In the end, the conference summarized the key issues raised and proposals on the way forward for meaningful enhancement of the resilience of the EMBs.