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Deputy Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission took part in the meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of Asian Electoral Bodies
On May 7, in Manila (Philippines), a meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of Asian Electoral Bodies (AAEA) was held in a hybrid format. The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bahrom Kuchkarov.

AAEA is a regional non-governmental organization of the electoral bodies of twenty countries in Asia and the Pacific, established on February 10, 1998 at a conference in Manila.

Uzbekistan joined the ranks of the AAEA members at the General Assembly of the organization on October 29, 2014.

The goal of the organization is to promote and institutionalize open and transparent elections, independent and impartial electoral bodies, increase their potential, and increase the participation of citizens in the electoral and civil process.

The Philippine Electoral Commission (COMELEC) has chaired the AAEA since 2017.

The meeting of the General Assembly was attended by representatives of the electoral bodies of the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Maldives, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

During the meeting, the work plan of the Association for 2022-2023, the financial report of the Secretariat, the future directions of the AAEA activities for the exchange of experience, building a better community of the Association, training and capacity building, documenting best practices and strengthening the organization were considered. Also on the agenda were organizational issues for the election of the chairman and vice-chairman of the Association and the formation of the Executive Committee for the coming biennium.

At the meeting, the electoral body of India was elected chairman, Taiwan - vice-chairman of the organization for the following terms in accordance with the Charter of the Association. The composition of the Executive Committee was also formed, which should include two representatives from South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia (Asia-Pacific region). Based on the voting results, the following electoral bodies were included in the Executive Committee: from Central Asia - the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan; from South Asia - Maldives, Sri Lanka; from Southeast Asia/Asia-Pacific - Philippines and Taiwan (as Vice-Chair). The Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the Philippines, the CEC of Uzbekistan was proposed to the Executive Committee of the AAEA in connection with the active role of Uzbekistan in the Central Asian region, and was also supported by representatives of the Electoral Commission of India and other countries.

The meeting included presentations by AAEA members on the topic: “Gender Issues and Election Concerns, Actions Taken and Recommended Solutions”.